Career Development

Starting out • Business Plans • Copyright & Legal Deposit


Starting Out

Préparer son univers musical (in French only)

Written for the Accros de la chanson Program, this guide presents the first steps to becoming a singer-songwriter. 

Business Plans

Creating a Successful Business Plan

Your business is your music, your band and all of the promotion and marketing that you do for yourself so that you are successful in this industry. (Guide written by Sask Music)


Copyright & Legal Deposit

Legal Guide for Musicians (2017)

Copyright in the music industry, Publishing your music, Recording, Building a music business – The Basics, & Legal considerations for live performances & tours.

Guide sur le droit d'auteur à l'intention des artistes (2017, in French only)

L’objectif du guide est de transmettre une connaissance de base du domaine juridique de la propriété intellectuelle lié au monde artistique et de servir de document de référence en fournissant des liens qui pourraient être utiles aux lecteurs. Ce document se concentrera principalement sur le droit d’auteur, qui est le domaine juridique le plus étroitement lié au monde artistique.

Legal Deposits: It's the law (2016)


CMRRA: Pay as you press (2007)

If you sell, import or distribute recordings, you need to know your copyright obligations. You probably know you’ve got to pay somebody ... for something ... but it can be something of a mystery if it’s not explained in plain English. 

A Guide To Copyrights (2005)

In this guide we will look at what a copyright is, how it can benefit you, the advantages of registering your copyright, and how to go about it. Keep in mind that this is general information only and does not cover all the complex issues of copyright law.