Other Funding Programs

Aboriginal Affairs Grants Program 

The Aboriginal Affairs Secretariat's (AAS) Grants Program funds small-scale, non-profit projects/initiatives of a social, cultural, and educational nature. AAS provides small grants to individuals, First Nation communities, and Aboriginal Organizations for a variety of events, projects and initiatives to help improve the government’s relationship with First Nation communities and Aboriginal organizations. 


Creation Grant | The program is designed to provide assistance to professional New Brunswick artists for the research, development and execution of original projects in the arts. 

Career Development | The program is designed to recognize and encourage arts professionals who have demonstrated exceptional artistic talent and potential, and who are pursuing a career in the arts. 

Documentation | The program is designed to provide assistance to New Brunswick arts professionals and professional artists for the research, development, and execution of original documentation and contextualization (written, film, video, multimedia) of arts activities, arts products or art history. 

Artist in Residence | The program is intended for New Brunswick public or private institutions and organizations that wish to host professional artists in order to enable them to pursue specific projects relating to their creative work. This program is also open to individual professionals who seek to advance their creative work through participation in residency opportunities at home or outside the province.

Arts Scholarships | The program is designed to recognize and encourage New Brunswick students who have demonstrated exceptional artistic talent and potential, and who are pursuing a career in the arts. 

Creative Residences | The program establishes annual exchange programs that provides professional artists with opportunities for creation and professional development residencies in the participating provinces and states. 

Arts Infrastructure Grants for New and Emerging Artists | The program is designed to provide one-time capital acquisition grants to newly-arrived immigrants to Canada and emerging New Brunswick artists to acquire tools and equipment that will strengthen their long-term capacity to create work. 

Equinox Program (previously Aboriginal Arts Capacity Building Program) | The program provides strategic support to Aboriginal arts groups, collectives and organizations. This support is intended to assist the development of administration, financial management and governance structures. The program also provides opportunities for organizational development and professional development. 


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Application deadlines • Pocket Guide

To apply for FACTOR funding, every applicant must have an Applicant Profile, which describes what type of Applicant you are (such as an Artist, Record Label, Event Producer, etc). You may additionally require an Artist Profile, depending on your selected Program. If you are a first-time applicant, you must submit your new Artist and/or Applicant Profile no later than one week in advance of the Program Deadline

The information you provide in your Profile(s) helps FACTOR determine which Rating you will fall into, which in turn determines your eligibility for certain Programs. Please click here for more information on FACTOR's Rating System.

New Applicants to the FACTOR system will default to the General Rating (formerly Artist 1). If you are applying outside of the twice annual Profile Reviews, this may limit your ability to apply to certain programs. Please take this into consideration when reviewing the Program deadlines.

Main FACTOR Programs for NB artists

Artist Development | The Artist Development Program offers a $2,000 subsidy toward one year of artist development activities including sound recording, touring & showcasing, video production, marketing and promotion.

Comprehensive Artist | The Comprehensive Artist program contributes toward the cost of acquiring, producing and marketing a full-length album.

Juried Sound Recording | The Juried Sound Recording program contributes toward the cost of acquiring, producing and marketing a full length album.

Live Performance | The Live Performance program subsidizes the cost of domestic and international performances including showcases and tours.

Marketing and Promotion for Non-FACTOR-Funded Sound Recordings | This program supports the marketing of commercially released full-length sound recordings that were not acquired or produced with FACTOR funding

Canada Council for the Arts

Canada Council grants are now organized into six programs:

Explore and Create  |  Engage and Sustain  |  Creating, Knowing and Sharing  |  Supporting Artistic Practice  |  Arts Across Canada  |  Arts Abroad


Grants are provided to organizations or individuals for activities benefiting Canadian music creators. SOCAN programs are divided by genre:

  • Popular Music: activities involving Canadian songwriters, lyricists and music publishers, focusing on popular music (eg. jazz, folk, world, hip-hop, blues or roots music) and;
  • Concert Music: activities involving Canadian composers and music publishers, focusing on concert music.
  • Associations: Annual Operations.

Municipal grants in New Brunswick

A number of municipalities in New Brunswick provide grants to organizations or individuals for cultural activities benefiting the community. If you do not see your community in this list, contact your elected officials for more information.