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August Releases

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album Sexghost//Sexhoax • Sexghost
album The Best There Is, The Best There Was & The Best There Ever Will Be • Cable Crusher
album Hack the Planet • Ocean Charter of Values
album Magnanimity • Gaudemus
album 231 • Usse
album Gutted The Band • Gutted The Band
album Phil Athanase • Phil Athanase
album Jam, Spots & Hospitals • Jam, Spots & Hospitals
album Numbers • Two Piece Empire
album Let Yourself Go • Choose Atlantic
album Bit Lip • Bit Lip
album Electric Lawnmower • Electric Lawnmower
ep Project 45 - Vol. 12 • Honey Gut
demo Demo • The Follow Ups
ep Over Our Heads • The Torinos
ep Various • Shadowed Urban
ep Have a Day! • Swing Set
ep Acadie Truck • Saint-Jack
ep Various • Elijah Kamminga
ep Procrastinator • Subtle
ep Morohubu • Morohubu
ep Marital Aid demos • TSOR
song • chanson CYEV • Robert T
song • chanson Alpha • Counting on Downstairs
song • chanson Soggy Hog Washin'tons • Cloud Ruins
song • chanson Nothing Better • The SwiftKicks