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August Profile Review Results

During the month of September, FACTOR staff reviewed all artist profiles in our system. The results of this review have been communicated to clients. 

We remind all clients that FACTOR's artist rating system is very competitive. Of over 6,900 artist profiles, only 100 artist profiles will receive a rating of Artist 3, and 200 will receive a rating of Artist 2. Album sales (past 5 years) and live performance data are weighted higher than social media, sync licenses, team and radio charting, but competitive applications will need robust numbers in all of these categories. There is also a high degree of mobility for the higher artist ratings, which can correspond to where you are in your album release cycle and the momentum you've generated. In this round, 20% of Artists rated 2 or 3 are new to that rating; 15% previously rated 2 or 3 moved down.

On FACTOR's Profile and Rating For Artists page, we post sample scores for all categories. If an artist’s numbers are comparable across the board to the sample scores provided, the artist should keep their info up-to-date in the hopes of seeing their rating go up after the next review period deadline on February 28, 2017.

FACTOR's Discography Sales and Live Performance Calculators are mandatory uploads. Use the current version of the calculators, available for download from the artist profile pages in the Portal, or on the FACTOR website. If these calculators are not included, reported numbers will not be recognized.

Program & Policy Changes
Effective 1 Oct 2016

Proof of Off-Stage Sales

We are going to implement a system similar to the Radio Starmaker standard for counting off-stage sales. The number of allowable off-stage sales will be the balance of A-B where A is total manufactured units (accompanied by manufacturing receipts) and B is units sold at physical retail (accompanied by retail proof of sales). SoundScan venue settlement reporting, including via AtVenu, will be eliminated as a “proof of sales” for offstage sales, but remains valid for retail sales.
The Marketing and Promotion for Non-FACTOR-Funded Sound Recordings program will have an additional requirement stating that in any event, qualifying applicants must have made at least 50% of the qualifying sales at retail (physical and digital); the remaining sales can be proven via the new offstage method.

Business Travel – Artist-Specific Travel

Applicants to the Business Travel program may now travel on “artist-specific” trips in a Business Travel application. Artist managers may use the funding to attend tour dates of their artists, except that any costs directly and exclusively related to the production and performance of the tour may not be charged to Business Travel. Likewise, clients may not use Business Travel funding to pay for items that can be covered in another application (e.g. the artist’s marketing component).

Tour Support Ceiling

Any tours in a Live Performance application where the guaranteed revenue plus non-cash consideration (such as flights, hotels) exceeds an average of $10,000 per show, will no longer be eligible for FACTOR support. The artist will continue to be eligible for tour support for other tours with lower guarantees.

International Marketing Costs

Clients may spend up to 75% of their remaining total eligible costs (after the Sound Recording component) on international campaigns and related costs.  Full-length sound recordings produced with FACTOR funding must be commercially released in Canada. Clients are expected to use best efforts to market the album in Canada and make it available to Canadian audiences. Generally speaking, after completion of the Sound Recording component, 25% of the total eligible costs for the project across all remaining components (Marketing, Tour Support, Showcase, Video, Radio Marketing) should include Canadian goods and services related to the Canadian release. The remaining 75% of the total eligible costs for the project (after the Sound Recording component) can include international activities and costs.

We're Hiring!

FACTOR is currently for the position of Manager – Collective Initiatives. The deadline to submit applications is Monday, October 10 2016.

The job posting is available here. Please submit applications to

Do you work in Canadian hip hop?

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If you would like to participate in this research,
contact Devin Pacholik directly at

FACTOR Funded Releases for NB
September 2016

Jessica Rhaye, Song in Me (9/13/16, Juried Sound Recording, Adult Contemporary, NB) 
(Note: if you've commercially released a FACTOR-funded album that  does not appear on this list, it means that you have not provided and updated Commercial Release Date for the funded project. Once you've updated the project in the FACTOR Portal, email the relevant release details to and we'll add you to this list.)