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Announcing Rezurbia - the 2nd album by rapper Wolf Castle. Castle is a 21 year old rapper, singer and producer from Pabineau First Nation, New Brunswick Canada. A recent graduate of Mount Allison University with a degree in Theatre Arts, the mi’kmaq rapper has released three albums, two of which were nominated for an East Coast Music Award in 2016 and 2017 respectively. His music celebrates life in all of its forms, ranging from pop party tracks to underground political statements.

Wolf Castle’s newest 14 track album Rezurbia perfectly balances this celebration of life. It is a mix of classic old school hip-hop and modern-age rap. It encapsulates the life of the modern indigenous man. A constant balancing act of trying to survive in the western world while also understanding and getting in touch with one’s cultural identity. Confronting the realization of oppression and reacting to it with anger and sadness but also hope, and gaining strength in hardship.

Rezurbia releases officialy August 10th 2018, available to stream across all platforms (Spotify, iTunes, TIDAL etc.)