Atlantic Disc and DVD

Atlantic Disc is here to help you give your fans, new and old, that personal touch that only CDs, Vinyl can bring. 

As a leader in manufacturing multimedia for over 25 years, Atlantic Disc is able to offer all forms of media duplication, a host of print options, and very competitive package rates. 

We were born, bred and are operating in Atlantic Canada under the helm of Robert Buck - a music man 25 years in the making. We have worked with performers representing all styles and genres. Some of our long time clients include: The Ennis Sisters, The Once, Dave Gunning, Charlie A’Court, Brian Mallery, Ten Strings and a Goat Skin, ECMA, Celtic Colours, Rum Ragged and literally hundreds more!

And we don’t end at manufacturing, that’s just the beginning! We can also help with a host of industry services including:

    • Mechanical Licensing research, calculation and preparation.

    • Grant application writing

    • Management and Booking services

    • Royalty processing and collection

    • Plus much more.  

We would certainly appreciate the opportunity to offer you a quote!