Brookside Mall

Indie, Pop, Rock

Casually devastating and symptomatic of the time, Brookside Mall arrives June 29 through Front Porch Records. Be it the passing of a construction worker, family pet, drunk driver, seminal Canadian indie rock band, or beloved Blue Jays pitcher, this self-titled album traces passion and relief in eight overcast portraits. Brookside Mall is predicated on propulsive rhythm, gossamer synthesizers, and affecting words in a low-slung wail.


Selected Press // Preservation (2017)
in EXCLAIM!: “Geography and the genre don’t matter as long as big hearted youngsters like this are willing to sing their hearts out about the yearning that we’ve all felt while growing up in sleepy, formative locales”
in GRID CITY: “On this EP, the songwriting remains drenched in honest vulnerability with MaGee’s one-of-a-kind, highly-relatable, cry-along choruses backed by the group’s strongest arrangements to date”
in THE EAST: “Through deeply poetic lyrics, compelling sound, and an honest feel in their songwriting, Brookside Mall has charmed their way into our hearts yet again”

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