Indie, Punk, Rock

Cellarghost’s dreary combination of anthem and atmosphere strikes a bleak new chord in Ritual, the New Brunswick group's self-produced sophomore release. The dynamic songs are laced with intoxicating grooves sobered by the beating of cathedral-bell guitars. The band explores new grounds with a deeper sense to their ambience and a stronger-still pop sensibility. Ritual reflects on society's prescribed banalities and mundane ceremonies whilst attempting to find a moral compass in a world filled with corruption. With their debut release In the Whiteout, Cellarghost have established themselves as local darlings at Shivering Songs, Stereophonic XIV, FLOURISH Festival, NCRC 2015, a mid-Canadian tour with Motherhood and supporting notable touring acts Julie Doiron, Casper Skulls, the Luyas, and Whoop-Szo.

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