Dan Verner

Indie, Pop

Dan Verner is a Cape Breton-born singer-songwriter based in Saint John, New Brunswick. He's been crafting his pop-alternative music since he was 10 years old in his parents basement on the keyboard and guitar.
His debut album 'From the Fold' was released to a sold-out crowd in Saint John, NB in the summer of 2017, and garnered attention across Atlantic Canada for its catchy hooks and lush production. He made Canada's 2018 CBC Searchlight Top 50, and has been featured on various radio stations and news articles in Atlantic Canada in the short time since his initial release.
He has spent time living in different cities in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and recently a 2 year stint in and Calgary, Alberta, and infuses influences from these places and his travels across North America and Europe into his music. Along with being a singer-songwriter, he has a gifted mind for music production, having co-produced his first album with Brad Perry in Fredericton, New Brunswick. Dan's love of music is easily seen in his emotive live shows, where he seemingly drifts into each song's world, and dares you to join him. 
‘From the Fold’ is available for download and streaming on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Bandcamp, and all other major digital platforms.