DJ Empire

Électronique, Hip-Hop, Urbain

Abidjan-born Christian Affian popularly known as DJ Empire is one of Canada’s most promising talent and technically proficient DJ and producer. Starting at the age of fifteen as a producer and at seventeen a DJ, he has showcased a high degree of enthusiasm and unmatched creativity over the years. Best known for his avant-garde style, DJ Empire rose to prominence in 2014 with his debut mix, “Crazy Mix 2014”. In 2015, he also released several mixes including the popular “Mix Club Session 2015” and “Urban Mix Kizomba.”

The Canadian DJ has subtly mastered the art of understanding his crowd regardless of the event. He is a prominent figure in some prestigious nightclubs and has also performed at several festivals. Empire excels in traditional music genres such as Afrobeat, Dancehall, Moombahton and hip-hop. When he is behind the decks, his enthusiasm is contagious, remarkably taking the party to overdrive. DJ Empire understands that DJs are the life of every event. For this reason, he tailors his music to soothe any audience giving them a time of their lives.

With his longevity in the game, Empire’s musicality and flair for giving the audiences what they want has continually proven to be a rousing showcase of his uniqueness. As an entertainer, his style is grounded in professionalism, creativity, and passion. Whether as a DJ or producer working collaboratively or on an individual project, you will always get the DJ Empire seal of approval.