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Duke Rivers

Country, Folk

Duke Rivers can be compared to an old can that's been kicked down a long dusty road. Used, crushed and abandoned, but still worth a nickle. Lost in the constant tumbling of the next song to write, Rivers is a shapeshifter, here one day and gone the next, bound by no style, put in no box. A lyricist molded by the adventure and lonesome nights spent away while in the Army. Melodies discovered under the back breaking work of a tradesman. It's undeiniable that a musican or artist can be influnced by much more than the sounds of another persons songs. The tall dark forests and wide blue river of the Miramichi where Rivers was born has been enough to captivate his imagination and birth a country folk style unlike all else. A country sound that reminds you of your childhood home, but with a different colour paint, and different parents.