DJ Jaredactyl is from Moncton and has been DJing for the past 7 years. Recently he played at The Caveau for Goth Night a new Vamp night he created, a Russian cocktail themed bar in MTL and at a mermaid taco bar in the Virgin Islands. Dactyl plays dance music envisioned for a trash can filled with palm trees, neon lights and racoons or a nebula alien planet with really nice prehistoric pets.

Jared grew up in a very musical family, he recorded an album at the age of 6 singing + playing Tambourine with his family in a studio underneath Bikini Beach. Through Middle school and High School he was part of many choirs and he also played drums in a jazz band which travelled all over the Atlantic provinces. He grew up playing piano, drums, synth, guitar and tambourine. Jared also sings in a Rock N Roll band called Wall of Sound based out of Moncton for the past 6 years. They mainly hangout at Fairlanes eating poutine while bowling or you may catch them playing bi yearly New Years Eve house parties.