Jesse Cox


Jesse is originally from Cape Breton where he grew up listening to his parents Dennis and Lori Cox play folk music. In 1980 his parents released an album "The Welcome Table" and toured coffee houses and arenas across Canada.
Becoming obsessed with his father’s vast record collection Jesse started playing guitar and singing at the age of twelve and was in and out of bands through his teens and early twenties. In 2003 he began to write songs and perform on his own. In 2006 he auditioned for Canadian Idol in honour of his girlfriend’s mom Beverly Fraser (who had recently passed away in a terrible car crash). She had loved the show and had always said that "someday Jesse will be on there". So shortly before he was supposed to start the season lobster fishing in Cape Breton with his father, Jesse took off in his old truck to Halifax where tryouts were being held. He went on to compete with thousands, making it through to the celebrity judges and then earned his gold ticket for Toronto. In Toronto Jesse made it to the final 22!
Other Accomplishments:
-CBC Rising Stars finale in Fredricton alongside David Myles and Matchstick Mike.
-2016 NB Regional champion in the CBC Searchlight Compitition earning Jesse National Radio play with original songs "Haul your Tears" and "light the way"
When he is not playing, performing or writing music Jesse works with First Nations youth at risk, helps out on fishing boats, dabbles in carpentry and helps raise his daughter Jovia Rose.