Mike Oz

Country, Électronique, Rock

The MusicMan Mike Oz is an accomplished vocalist, songwriter, beat-maker, producer, sound engineer and voice over actor. From his very first studio at just eighteen years of age called SonikLab in downtown Rome, Italy, Oz started creating in various types of music projects already showing a multi talented facet. Mike has moved on to work with and learn from such greats as Dean Jarvis (Music Director – Nelly Fertado) to Gavin Brown (Producer – Three Days Grace).

While early studies in singing with Ian Garrett (Shania Twain) brought height and depth to Mike’s already powerful spinto crooning, his passion for electronic music jumpstarted his DJ career at the infamous Piper, Italy’s oldest dance club and as correspondent on Energy108, Toronto’s foremost dance music radio.  His sessions on Global Groove Radio were legendary.

With grunge in his veins, Oz’s love for rock spawned his first CD Halls of Love with his band Bless from his SonikLab studios in Rome.It was a grand beginning both as producer and engineer; an art Oz is still perfecting today producing and engineering for stunning talent from rock and country to hip-hop and EDM.

The MusicMan Mike Oz is currently working on a new rock/alternative album from his current studio in Moncton studioZproductions as well as producing many local country, bluegrass and rock albums.

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