Mike Parker/Country-Bluesman

Blues, Country



Since his tender age Mike has taken part of the music scene. As soon as he was 12 years of age. Thanks of his fathers encouragement himself a musician Mike participated to many live events. At 15 he plays bass for his dad’s band. Due to his natural talent he gains much experience from an early age. Mike also profited from touring in Ontario from 1988 to 1990. In this same year of 1990 we can see him touring in the Southern New Brunswick Country Music Circuit. From 1991 until 2005 he resided in Dalhousie Junction in Northern New Brunswick and since May 2005 resides in Dieppe where he worked on the production of his Franco disc “Mon P’tit Paradis” of the Country-Blues style. With this album he gets nominated for best francophone album of 2009 from the East Coast Music Association (ECMA). Mike is a passionate musician. He plays acoustic & electric guitar, the bass, the harmonica and slide guitar. In 2019 Mike is the front man to "The Parker Blues Band" probably one of the best Blues band in greater Moncton. 

Mike Parker is a songwriter, arranger, audio engineer, record producer and one of New Brunswick's most versatile working musician you'll ever see and hear. He'll wail on his electric guitar, pours out the most honest vocal delivery filled with all the right stuff.  With nearly  five decades of entertaining many across New Brunswick, Quebec and Ontario he wins his audiences wherever he performs. 


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