Paula Tozer


Based on the East Coast of Canada, award-winning recording artist Paula Tozer has built an ever-growing fan base following the release of her Roots oriented debut EP. "Blue Muse" featured some of the Maritimes' finest session players. Tozer, who is recognized as an emotive and passionate songwriter who wears her heart and soul on her sleeve, infused a masterful blend of Celtic, Folk, Rock, Blues and Bluegrass into Blue Muse. The single "A Name In The Sand" captured a international Best Bluegrass song award, which spawned further attention from the media - an honourable accomplishment for a songwriter who had taken a 10 year hiatus in order to raise her family. She embarked on endless adventures of inspiration over those years, creating the treasure trove of experience from which she writes.

Her insatiable desire to perform and give back to her community has seen Paula perform on multiple festival stages, select clubs and listening rooms, dinner theatre performances and a multitude of charitable events.

After further self-reflection Paula Tozer, who is a published poet and short story writer recognized by the Writer's Federation of New Brunswick, has evolved into a new realm that represents a mirror image of her true self. She has transformed her foundation of Roots influenced music into a deeper emotional and spiritual realm on her 2015 three track EP release, "Cain’s Regret". This dramatic, carefully crafted grouping of songs has her fans riveted to her new world of intense theatrical themes, representing her reflections on comedy, tragedy, love and the examination of the human soul to biblical proportions.

Tozer says, "Teaming up with multiple-award winning producer Don Chapman (Matt Andersen, Dave Gunning, Natalie McMaster, Ken Tobias, Raylene Rankin) has been a truly rewarding experience."

With numerous powerful and positive magazine reviews of her work and radio air play in multiple countries, including broadcast radio across the East Coast of Canada, Paula Tozer will continue to capture the hearts and imaginations of her loyal following. She is currently writing relentlessly as she prepares for her next release that will continue the growth of her new-found unique, dramatic and intense style of Adult Contemporary music.