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Phakt (pronounced FACT) as in "as a matter of", or as in "undeniable truth", or as in...well I'm sure you get the point . His paternal grandfather was an orchestra flautist that owned a record shop. His maternal grandfather was a drummer that jammed with the likes of Jeff Healey. His cousin is Canada's most prominent opera singer, Measha Brueggergosman... so it would seem that music is embedded in the DNA of the Washington DC born, New Brunswick raised MC.

Originating from the freestyle battle circuit, Phakt boasts wins in numerous tournaments and competitions, including a 3-in-a-row win streak that retired him from Halifax's annual DJO's (DJ Olympics).

With appearances on Much Music (Going Coastal) & Aux TV (Ultimate MC), all that seems to be missing are the musical releases that mirror the emcee's resume. After a 3 year stint with an independent label, Phakt opts to go the widely accepted indie route. His style may be best described as soulful poetry.

During the filming of his 2nd acting role in the web-series, Edge Of The Line , Phakt released his latest musical effort. 2016's Dropping Inwards (Mar 8), includes 10 songs with appearances from DJ IV, J-Bru, Knucklehead (famed as Tyrone in Trailer Park Boys), & Jay Bizzy.

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