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Phil Flowers

Folk, Rock

Armed with resolution and an acoustic guitar, went off on his own with the intention of making music that reflects the anxieties of existence and the integrity of true art thru traditional forms. With the release his debut album, People People (2010), which earned him three Music NB Awards, Phil Flowers did just that. Influenced by legends such as Bob Dylan, Tom Waits and at times Hank Williams, Phil Flowers is not content with the status quo and challenges the conception of what a singer/songwriter should be. Whether he’s scatting or growling, crooning or pleading, he brings the listener in and carries him along. If you may chance to bear witness to his live show, you will know that there is something effervescent in the atmosphere. With passion and soul, you’ll be brought to the summits of mountains and so far down into the chasms below. You’ll be marked for many days and nights thereafter…