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Red Fish from Mars

Métal, Punk, Rock

Red fish from Mars is a band that hails from the valley outside of Saint John, Quispamsis. We are composed of three core members, all of which are nineteen: Anthony Trim (Guitar/Vocals), Hayden McNamee (Bass/Vocals), and Will Foley (Drums/Percussion). As a trio, we claim influence from Queens of The Stone Age, The Smashing Pumpkins, and Pink Floyd. Since 2017, we have released three projects: In Water, Existentialism, and Reverie. All recorded and mastered by our front man Anthony. Combining elements of desert and psychedelic rock into our music. During the time of our releases we have performed numerous live shows. Our notable performances such as Under the Bridge festival and Concert in the Park, both being fundraisers for local schools. Now we are striving to push our music further by continuing our journey in Saint John and engaging in more fundraisers.