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Rudel Davis

du Monde

Rudel left home when he was 14 to pursue a career in music as a professional rhythm guitarist. The musicians he worked with were 21 years and older and although he was much younger, his abilities gained him recognition as well as a small but steady income and a place to live.

After leaving home he arranged to have a room to live in and one meal a day at the clubs where he was performing with the band. Although he was always surrounded by people of the night he never drank alcohol or did drugs. His guitar was his best friend and he spent his days practicing and his nights performing.

Hard work, commitment, and belief in himself, enabled him to write and record 3 top ten hits in the early eighties. However, he had to leave the music scene after losing his singing voice and spent the next 30 years as a closet musician while developing his unique guitar playing style.

The desire to get back to his first love drew him back into the music world. He decided to go to Europe where he was not known and began performing on the streets of Spain and Italy. This helped him to recapture his self-confidence and his singing voice returned. But there was another surprise in-store for him.  The latin music culture wove its way into his playing style and, as if by magic, it filled in what he knew had been missing in his guitar technique.

Adrien Dupres, manager