Shelley Bean & The Duckety Muds

Jeunesse, Folk, Roots

Shelley Bean & The Duckety Muds became a folk zoo of ideas, laughs, favourite childhoods songs and traditional music treasures in 2011. The idea has always been to play real music, very well, for really little people. They deserve it most of all.

A former early childhood educator, Shelley (Chase), has toured extensively both with the Muds and other projects. She has performed for young audiences coast to coast at such great events as the Winnipeg and Calgary Folk Festivals, The Stan Rogers Folk Festival, as well as at The Woodford Folk Festival in Australia. Her debut children’s CD was nominated for a Canadian Folk Music Award.

The songs are well rooted in the idea of East Coast Kitchen parties, celebration and integration of family and children playing and singing together. Grown-ups and children often fill the stage in various costumes and choruses throughout the show. There is no boundaries between artist and audience. That is the Shelley Bean way.

Shelley Bean has been active with “Agriculture in the Classrooms” nation wide; composing and releasing both a francophone and English version of their theme song to over 11,000 children in classrooms participating in the gardening program in Saskatchewan, Alberta, Manitoba and Newfoundland. She is the official artist in residence for the program which works in conjunction with the Federation of Agriculture in each province.

2016 also marked the third year she performed for over 4,000 school children for The Mayor’s Environmental Expo at the invitation of Mayor Nenshi in the City of Calgary and she is pleased to be working with The Town of Riverview, The City of Moncton and the Anglophone East School District on live arts projects for our most valuable art lovers. In 2017 she travelled to HebCelt in Scotland (Isle of Lewis) to represent New Brunswick at one of Scotland's finest folk festivals. She continues to perform across Canada and New Brunswick with a new album slated for early 2019.

The Duckety Muds are a rotating cast of some of the region’s best musicians. The New Brunswick cast for 2016 includes Stacey Read (fiddle), Robin Anne Ettles (guitar), Denis Surette (guitar) and Amélie de Arcos (fiddle).

The End. (Hope we didn’t drive you quakers with this long bio).