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Sound Advice

I have always written for myself. But that all changed in the summer of 2017. Friends of mine who were in the NB funk band Morohubu were playing the Larllee Creek Hullabaloo festival and wanted me to write something for their festival bio. And because of that one request I now have a regular column that appears in various Brunswick News publications across the province. I call it "Sound Advice" My first column appeared in the Bugle-Observer on November 2017 and since then I have written about and interviewed artists based in Halifax, Montreal and as far away as B.C. The one thing they all have in common is their roots trace back to New Brunswick. And be

cause I have an emotional connection to music I have written articles for Punk, Blues, Bluegrass, Rock, Fusion, Jazz and even Gospel acts. I have a very unique writing style because I am more interested in telling a story than writing a Biography. Recently I ran into the Elephants Gerald, a  group based in Montreal at the 2018  Dooryard Arts festival . And they informed me that the article I have written about them was the best thing they had read about them since they formed. I truly believe I am on the right track. Please contact my e-mail if there is anything I can do to help promote our NB artists...I will.