Stacey Read

Instrumental, Roots, Traditionnel

She can’t remember a time before the fiddle wasn’t in her hands. 

“They actually used to stand me up on a table at the legion to play on Sunday afternoons and a well meaning local veteran would pass around his prosthetic leg to be filled with coins for me.”

While many maritime fiddlers have tall tales to tell, Read also has had quite a fabled career. She is grateful for the tutelage and mentors over her many decades of music.

At the age of 4 Stacey Read became the student of NB fiddle legends; Ivan & Vivian Hicks. This relationship endures 26 years later and has fostered a lifetime and love of performing and teaching Old Tyme Fiddling across Canada.

As a performer she is a celebrated traditional folk artist; double ECMA nominee for her work with the Celtic act Banshee for over 15 years touring coast to coast and as far North as the actual North Pole for military shows. She has toured with the Lumber Jills in 2014 throughout Ireland and continues to perform heritage events that foster old tyme dancing, square dance calling and traditional music.

A graduate of the prestigious Berklee School of Music in Boston, Mass; Read returned from Boston in 2012  with a degree in Music Business Management to begin her fiddle school which now has a regular attendance of over 60 students in piano, step-dance and fiddle.

She is a Top 11 Canadian Grand Masters Fiddle Invitational Finalist, a Maritime Open Fiddle Champion and a Canadian Junior Fiddle Champion. She is a past Vice President and Chair of the 2015 Canadian Grand Masters Fiddle Championships and a past President of The Maritime Fiddler’s Association.