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Surface Wounds


Throttling, ferocious and open-hearted; Surface Wounds is the latest, and probably only, vegan hardcore export from Saint John, New Brunswick. Originally a passion project between vocalist Tyson Kingsley, bassist Dusty Bayerle, drummer Dan Finn, and guitarists Yurgos Elisseou and Dawson Cole, Surface Wounds has become a known name in Maritime hardcore through passion, dedication and not buying coke with their band money. Their music churns with melodic intensity. Elisseou and Cole’s guitars stalk the listener with eerie fluidity, while Bayerle and Finn knock the air from their lungs. Kingsley – wielding introspection like a sword in the hands of 9S from Nier Automata – shatters through the metallic grinding to leave the listeners heart on the floor. Still beating. This is music that moves with urgency, but the group tries not take itself too seriously. Experiencing Surface Wounds live is to feel a sense of belonging. Underneath the layers of sweat generated though back-breaking contortions, is five people who are making music for their own reasons. They regret to inform fans that they will not be competing in the Covid edition of Saint John Idol. The group’s debut EP “The Tower” comes out October 9th.