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Hip-Hop, Instrumental, Jazz
My musical life started when I was only 6 years old. I started playing the drums at this age and my love for music only grew from there. At the age of 11, I picked up the guitar and from there, my perspective on music changed dramatically. Not only was I playing rhythm but I was playing melodies and chords. This new approach to music got my creative juices flowing and I started dabbling in music creation through a DAW. I had no specific genre or direction in mind, I was simply making what I felt sounded cool. I've gone through many different genres and styles since then.. From movie scores, house music, DNB, even psy trance just to name a few. However, once I made my first downtempo/chillout/Lofi track, it felt different. It felt right. And so that was the start of my journey as the Artist named Tabi. Oh, and if you're wondering where the name Tabi came from, it's the Japanese pronunciation for Journey which I felt was fitting for the path that led me to becoming a dedicated artist and music producer.