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Theo Karpo


Theo Karpo (506) 588-0548 Moncton, NB, CA

Theo Karpo has been writing and recording music for over ten years. Based in Moncton, Canada, and previously Halifax, he has released an experimental LP called Feelgood Empire, and is currently working on his first EP, Glass Monkey. A violinist, guitarist, singer, songwriter, and producer, he fuses silky strings, smooth synths, sexy samples and scratchy singing to produce an eclectic, peculiar and transcendentally unique pastiche of post-rock, glitch-hop, freak-folk and ambient-electronica. This radically new style is called Messianic Rock, and it is the apex at which electronica and rock meet. Thus, Theo Karpo is an inheritor of the legacies of such artists as Primal Scream, AWOLNATION and Tricky. He is sure to become an important representative of North American pop culture.