Vince Kuzanagi


Vince Kuzanagi is a DJ living in Moncton/CANADA since 2014.

Vince is Listening techno and electronic Music since 1988 when acid-house was born.

He learned Mixing and DJing in 1995 on his first pair of turntables, focusing on Techno and beat-matching.

In 2000, he organised his first gigs in the country side around Lyon(FR), following the RAVE and FREE PARTY culture initiated in the UK.

During 10 years, he organized IDM, Electro and Electronica/Aphex twin/braindance/dnb events in LYON as member and founder of BEE Records. The idea was to always show the cross culture surrounding techno and electronic music. It was a chance for him to meet some IDM artists likeMachinedrum, DMX krew, Surgeon, SKam records, Gescom, Rob Hall, Radioactive Man, Umwelt, OVUCA, Ceephax Acid Crew...

Unfortunatly, after 12 years of existence, the label died in 2012 and in 2014, after some years of rest, and a career switch as computer engineer in telecom industry, he moved to Canada with his family and he is now focusing on his primary obsession: DJing his favorites techno, house, IDM and old-school tracks for is own pleasure.

Since 2015, he is presenting a french speaking radio show called "Le Catalyste" on CKUM 93.5FM in Moncton (Atlantic CANADA). The goal of this show is to mix some fresh electronic news with his 40 Y/o Point of View, introduced with a bit of IDM and conclude with some teaching lessons on how was born the electronic scene in Europe, playing some of it's own records collection in an old-school revival spirit .

His sets are mostly inspired artists like Rob Hall and Laurent Garnier, where the mix history is more important than the technic itself and switching from a style to another is just complementary, and bringing another dimension. On the House side, he plays records from artists like Cajmere, Phil Weeks and DJ Sneak.