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Wangled Teb

Électronique, Instrumental

Wangled Teb is an electronic music project which incorporates elements of IDM, breakcore, and ambient music, as well as taking inspiration from 1990's video game music.

The project began in early 2015, fronted by Indigo Rain Poirier, a transgender electronic music artist who hails from Kingsclear First Nation, New Brunswick. Wangled Teb released their debut EP, “Self-Titled”, in September of 2015. To date Wangled Teb has released five EPs and is currently working on their sixth. They have performed at a number of festivals over the past year including Fest Forward, Flourish Fest, and Quality Block Party. They also embarked on their first out-of-province tour in February 2018 alongside Montreal-based (formerly Fredericton-based) electronic artist Property//.

Their live shows focus on long evolving works, combining breakbeats and synth work with a fast-paced, manic energy. Their albums tend to be intended more for headphone listening and thus focused more on creating spaces that are both soothing and rejuvenating. However, whether live or on an album, their music combines their unique sense of melodic and rhythmic progression with a passion for intricately-chopped drum loops and spacious, evolving, hypnotic sound design.

They were awarded MusicNB's electronic artist of the year award in 2018.

In addition to their Wangled Teb project, they also play drums in a band called Helium Submarine, and play synth in an electronic improv trio called Terre Wa.

“Water is an adventurous four track recording that explores a variety of sonic textures familiar to fans of Poirier’s work, with glitch-beats and frantic start-stop rhythms providing momentum over a dynamic soundscapes.” - Grid City Magazine, 2017

"Simply put, Earth marks a big step forward for Poirier. The arrangements are their strongest to date, mixing the frantic percussive drive of breakcore with a series of powerful melodies that lead each of the EP’s six tracks in new and daring directions." - Grid City Magazine, 2018



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