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Yvonne McNamara

Country, Pop, Rock
Yvonne is a young singer with an incredible tone in her voice. Yvonne can sing many genres of music. She became a diabetic before her 3rd Birthday. Diabetes has been very hard on her especially emotionally. Singing had become one of her ways to cope. When she was around the age of four she would often be heard singing her self to sleep in her room. When she finally started school she was then having to deal with all the other stresses that came with regular school life. Yvonne was often heard by her peers singing short versions of songs. Yvonne was told often to be quiet by her peers. This started to make her feel rejected. She would come home from school crying some days, saying other kids kept telling her to be quiet. One day while at Costco a musical friend heard Yvonne singing. And said wow she can sing. We started to encourage Yvonne to sing whole songs, and in 2018 she started vocal training with music from the heart. She has since become well known in New Brunswick.