The Stratified

Folk, Rock

The Stratified is a band from the Fredericton region, formed in 2017. What began as co-workers and friends jamming during noon hours in a dingy basement storage room, rapidly evolved to live performances. The band's debut album, Crashing the Night Sky, was released in March 2018 on all major streaming services and on compact disc. The East magazine (June 2018) states: "With that raw, beloved Maritime vibe and infusions that could help the unfamiliar listener access it better, The Stratified have a supremely interesting setup going on here, and Crashing the Night Sky may be the start of great things to come."

It’s easy to label The Stratified a folk band given the sparse instrumentation – acoustic guitar, fiddle, bass, and cajon – but maybe that’s too easy. The songwriting of Serge Allard is equal parts introspection, social commentary, and storytelling and song vibes vary from gritty and challenging to rollicking. With a repertoire that also includes a set of traditional music, the talented Erin Keith on the fiddle and rock-solid Will Gilmore on percussion and Scott VanBuskirk on bass are sure to get people moving. Concert goers have described the band as having a unique and unexpected sound.

Why the name The Stratified? Stratified means layered: layers that accumulate over time. In a way everything is stratified. Layers of sand on the riverbed record the passage of time. The landscape is layered. The legacy of life is stratified, recorded in layers of rock under our feet. Our daily lives are stratified: sleep, eat, work, eat, create, rinse, repeat. Love is stratified.