Country, Folk, Rock

Todd Geldart is a Canadian recording artist who exemplifies the true grit and honesty of his family values, work ethic and rural heritage. This proud, brash, rebellious and relentless songsmith is a dedicated and fiery performer who resides in the coastal hills of Albert County. It is in this Appalachian highland mountain range near the Bay of Fundy that his songs are born and recorded via his own private recording studio.

 To those of us in the industry his work ethic becomes evidently clear when you walk into his studio, no computers, no pro-tools© nothing here that makes the recording process easier, no new technologies no short cuts. Instead a very large 1970’s recording console, a 2 inch 24 track tape machine, as large as a dishwasher, and walls full of guitars and amplifiers. It is an almost ancient way of recording in today’s standards, but one that has not yet been equaled in terms of sonic quality or realistic performances…………….no auto tune, pitch correct or cut and paste here. 

Geldart has captivated audiences across North America. His music has migrated to parts of the UK, The Netherlands, Sweden, Finland and Germany. He is a true master of the Folk Rock genre that he weaves into his own original hybrid, which defines the instantly recognizable Geldart trademark sound which good friend and music producer Jim DeVito (Tom Petty, Don Henley, Creed,Lynyrd skynyrd)  has labeled as Rural Rock.™

Todd’s songs have been featured on numerous compilations albums, he has performed on many live radio and television shows and at songwriter circles. Radio stations on a local, national and international level have embraced his songs and MTV has licensed many of his songs for broadcast, globally. He has performed his folk-rural rock sound thousand’s of times live during his career, performances that include; up close and personal intimate shows, theatres, arenas and stadiums alongside some of the world's most recognizable and acclaimed acts.

Geldart delivers honest, amazingly well crafted simplistic music that touches on universal themes about human nature and matter of fact truths. A man who stands up for his family and friends at any cost, who is at constant odds with authority and the people who make up our Governments and one who answers to God almighty and no other.  His favorite symbols of rebellion are still clearly evident with the large motorcycles in view and the Rock ‘n’ Roll guitars but what started as rebellion or a way to buck the status quo accidently became the beginning of creativity that has spanned 20 years and evolved into his personal songwriting legacy.

Geldart is the last of a dying breed a guy who carves his own niche, the real deal, take it or leave it, a songwriter, musician and performer who was born to entertain and bring his messages of truth into the lives of those who care to listen.

“We managed Lynyrd Skynyrd for over 20 years, they created a sound, they got to the roots of rock and defined a genre, Geldart does the same thing”
-Stephen Wrench, Musik & Film © 20 Years management for Lynyrd Skynyrd

“Todd’s music is real, not fake or polished, I call it Rural Rock and I like it..a lot, his music is a non perishable product !!!!
– Jim Devito (engineer/producer) Tom Petty, Don Henley, Creed & more

Geldart is a straight ahead meat and potatoes Rock “n” Roller with folk, country and roots flavors! His no Bull shit approach to his music is so refreshing !!!!!!  
– Terry Nails: Tommy Tutone, Ozzy Osborne, Guns and
Roses & others.


Lost & Won – 2017

Jerico Road- 2009

Unreasonable & Out of hand – 2005 LIVE (OOP)

Running Wide Open-2001

How Does It feel - 1997

From his very first recording 20 years ago until now Geldart’s commitment to analog technology and craftsmanship has remained steadfast and unchanged, he will not even allow the use of click track, metronome or any other device to keep timing perfectly on. “If the meter moves a bit then I guess that proves were man not machine, but God has blessed me with pretty great timing” In terms of his musical approach………… “simplicity is the most difficult element of music to master, every artist or musician want to fill ALL the holes, let the damn song breathe”


E. Duvall