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Sorties d'avril 2017

Posted Bydawn

April Releases • Sorties d'avril

album My Blue Sky Turns Teal, Vol. I • Spoutnique
album Paths • Clouds Become Oceans
album The Traveller • Elephant Skeletons
album The Artificial to Original • Wolf Castle
album Authentique • Danis Mallais
En vente
album Project IV • Kam Speech
album Salisbury Shutdowns • Phone Jerks
album Without Borders • FWLR & Twistex
album Wasted Prayer • Hero's Last Rite
album Where We Come From • One Big Cliché
album ...whatever • Nonchalant Johnson
album Les murmures du temps • Lucien Allard
album Hometown Heroes / LP • Sentimentals
ep What Makes Him Win Like That? / Lucky Numbers • Papal Visit
ep Project 45 - Vol. 8 • Honey Gut
ep End of the World • Free to Grow
ep Surrounded By Death (Album Teaser) • Warsick
ep Mr. Ralph • Mr. Ralph
ep Strawberry • InvasionUSA
demo Existential Nihilist • The Shape of Rage
demo ASMR • The Shape of Rage
single • extrait Spirals • Property//
single • extrait The Age of Self • Anthesis
single • extrait Converse Rubber Tracks Session • David In The Dark
single • extrait The Lad / The Lads • Surf Lads