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Sorties de novembre 2017

Posted Bydawn
album Pinecones and Cinnamon • Tomato Tomato
album So I Can Go Away • Butcher
album Garbage Night • Kevin Richard
album Forever Resonating In Blood • Feral
album Enter the Fuzzy Logic • Murky Mark
album Da Vinci Session • Striped Jumperr
album Résilience • Shaun Ferguson
album Seasides • Kai Bishop
album cold and alone • haugbui
album Live at You Are Here Studio • Zacharie Robichaud
ep Rockin' Right Hard • Deep Fryer
ep Perfectly Flawed • André Saulnier
ep The Sun Will Rise • Chris Scribner
ep Live II • The Crossroad Devils
ep Here's Not Here • Pete Hansen
ep Three Fibblin' Blabs • Phone Jerks
ep Jivātī • Jivātī
demo Medulla Oblongata • TSOR
song • extrait Just Stop (thinking about tomorrow) • Counting on Downstairs
song • extrait The Lake of the Celestial Maiden • Dr. Thunder & The Electromagnetic Funk
song • extrait Primal Alien Live @ Neural • Robert T
song • extrait Glory of Love • The Olympic Symphonium
single • extrait Saint Mephistophilis • Jessica Webber