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David McCormick

Folk, Roots

A Singer-Songwriter from Southern New Brunswick, David has a passion for telling stories through song.  "Writing songs is a gift", says David McCormick.  Inspired by the many songwriters to come from this region, McCormick always puts the song first and believes that the rest will take care of itself.  His debut album, 'Now and Then' includes standout selections that deal with both personal and universal subject matter while leaving the listener reflecting to a simpler time.

The follow-up album 'Spirit and Mind' continues to feature finger picked acoustic guitar and a 'vocal style and timber pleasing to the ears says one reviewer.  McCormick's music has been featured on artist compilations and entered in both National and International Songwriting contests.  "The basis for what I do, says McCormick, is to stay out of the way in order to allow the truth of the inspiration to flow through and to keep that spirit alive while performing".

The journey continues for this artist who will undoubtedly continue to create and share his music with listeners who enjoy his innovative work.

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