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Dee Hernandez

Jazz, Pop, du Monde

2023 ECMA Nominee, Dee is a vocalist, composer, dancer, and performer of Latin Jazz R&B Pop Fusion.  Her latest releases are receiving attention from several radio stations, including nationwide on CBC. She was named ''A World Class Jazz Singer'' by Sass Jordan and referred to as ''The Voice of Cuban-Canadian Jazz'' on the cover of Atlantic Canada's sensational The Maritime [Edit] magazine.


The tasteful blend of Cuban roots, Jazz influences, and world rhythms with splashes of R&B, funk, and pop is cultivated and born on the East Coast. In her music she tells her story, and if she is not dancing on stage she is not having fun. The combination of her energy, her vibrant vocals, and the intoxicating cadence of Cuban music makes Dee Hernandez an explosion of fun artistic innovation and musical freedom.


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