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The Merci-Buckets

Indie, Punk, Rock

Flirting with the dark and moody aspects of indie rock, while simultaneously delivering an energetic, raucous spectacle of a performance, The Merci Buckets are walking that fine, interstitial line of the East Coast experience. Consisting of Travis Flynn (guitar/vocals), Paul Hayes (bass), and Dawson Burnett (drums), The Merci Buckets have accomplished a hell of a lot in a short amount of time - owed mostly to the wonderful Fredericton arts community they surround themselves with, and the incomparable inter-band chemistry.

Starting as an impromptu gig backing up singer/guitarist Travis Flynn, the close-knit vibes were palpable from the start, and the band quickly got the ball rolling with a bonafide band. This led to their next show being the debut for the newly-minted project. Without skipping a beat, the band went on to release a single, “No Cap,” in September of 2022, play the FESTFORWARD festival in Fredericton in October 2022, and released a ripping live performance of their gig at Xeroz in Moncton in November 2022. All in all, what matters most to the trio is that the band is brimming with eagerness and excitement to take their unique live performance out on the road as much as possible.

“We try to put it all out on the line when we perform and use all the energy we’ve got."

Kate Butler
She Said Feck Records