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T-rex Dah Wordsmith

Afrobeats, Gospel, Hip-Hop

Anthony Onyewadume, popularly known as T-rex Dah Wordsmith, is a Hip-Hop and Afrobeats enthusiast and practitioner. He started his musical exploits at the very young age of 6. This early exposure was occasioned by his dad, who was a policeman at the time but still managed to put out 2 Albums with his police band where T-rex's mum also doubled as a backup singer.

Dah Wordsmith is known for his energetic stage performances, his ability to freestyle for hours, his storytelling skills, and his unique ability to deliver multi-syllabic rhymes often at an inhuman speed. As a native of Onitcha-Olona of Aniocha Local Government in Delta State; a small village that boasts of several musical greats like Candy C, Late great Ras Kimono, and St. Augustine, etc., he often writes about the different facets of the human experience while touching base with the harsh realities of his home country.

T-rex's slogan is "to entertain and to enter brains" and thus, he is able to approach songs from different angles depending on the chosen topic and accompanying instrumental. T-rex has written songs with a lot of top producers including Super-soniq, Dr. Frabz, Ex-O, Peddy, Wizzypro, Stash, Divine, Genius Vybes, Teckzilla, Cheff, Saa Andrew, Boy T, to name a few. The “Gimme a word let me rhyme with it” crooner says that musicians should be socially conscious using their platforms to contribute positively to their respective communities.

Rightfully named the wordsmith for his clinical approach to songwriting, T-rex is very meticulous and strategic about songwriting. He says he is on a quest to take over the globe one production at a time. Hence, his mission statement reads “To entertain and to enter brains”.

His Afrobeats musical influences include Fela, Majek Fashek, Austin Power (His dad), Ras-Kimono, Junior & Pretty. Likewise, his Hip-Hop inspiration comes from the likes of Big Daddy Kane, Kool G Rap, Big Pun, Big L, Biggie, Tupac, Run da Mc, Rakim, Nas, Eminem, Will Smith, Slick Rick, Das EFX, Krayzie Bone, Busta Rhymes, Cannibus and DMX.