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Sorties de janvier 2018

Posted Bydawn
album The Quantum Internet • The Montgomery St. Band
album Un Peu Folk • Gilbert Babin
album The 5th • Ceeb Dread
album Michel Thériault • Le Fou
album Drew Smooth Trio • Drew Smooth Trio
album Wolves of the Northstar • Winter's Howl
album A New Day • Flight of the Eagle
album Monteith Mania • Monteith
album Killdevils • Black Moon Goons
album Nasty Little Bits • Terry Whalen with Jock Downs
album Ghost Town • Kenny James
album LaLois Light Side / Dark Side • Sally's Garage
album TSU • Elijah Kamminga
ep Art of the Possible • Passerby
ep Math Class • Math Class
ep Unknown Futures • Jaguar Knight
ep Brake à bras • Saint-Jack
ep Now It All Comes • DenMother
ep Twenty 7&7 • Dave Lavers
ep Stereotypical • Aryelle Morrison
ep Enemy • Jane Blanchard
ep Split 10" with Barbed Wire Braces • Nerve Button
ep Field Recordings / Fencepost Reclamation Project • hue/you
song • extrait Sons of Wooden Wives • Women of the Pore
song • extrait Glass Atlas • Tactus
song • extrait Class War (Intro) • Stephen Hero
song • extrait Thanks a Lot • The Olympic Symphonium
song • extrait Not With It • Old Self & Kam Speech
song • extrait Jumping Fences • Andy Bast
Andy Bast
song • extrait Lover's Lane / Amour en majuscule • Open Strum & Rosa Laricchiuta
video Live at the Recordery • The Hypochondriacs
video Comedy • The Olympic Symphonium
video Night Crawler • Simon Daniel
video Déconnecter pour connecter • Laurie LeBlanc