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Eva George

With over ten years’ experience working with Nationally and Internationally recognized youth & community serving organizations, Eva is now overseeing the social development programming at Charlotte Street Arts Centre in Fredericton.  One of her mandates as ArtReach Program Manager is to plan and organize FEST FORWARD, which is a music festival geared towards emerging musicians and their professional development as artists. This summer she coordinated the very first NB Girls Rock Camp in Fredericton which allowed 14 girls the opportunity to form bands, learn new instruments & rock out with the support of the amazing women in the New Brunswick music scene.  As a community connector, she loans her time to the planning and organizing of two growing music festivals, Feels Good Folly Fest where she has been an active Board Member since its creation and St. Andrew’s Paddlefest where she acts as the volunteer manager and is a member of the festival’s organizing committee.  After taking a brief hiatus from community work in 2014-2015 to have a sweet baby boy, Winston, Eva is very excited to be back working in the non-profit sector.  

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