Hilary Ladd


After writing the same song for at least 4 years, Hilary Ladd, singer/songwriter, spent a year writing in different locations in New Brunswick just to see how it would impact her songwriting. Little did she know just how much.


Freshly divorced and rediscovering her creativity, She Wanders is a collections of songs written during a very different time in Ladd’s life. While the story feels old now, the songs maintain their relevance with quips of self-deprecation in the midst of some serious introspection, all the while propelling forward with more strength and dignity than we had before.


With a whole lot of help from her friends, Katie Bestvater (Cello) and Nienke Izurieta (Violin), Ladd & Lasses was born, simultaneous with Ladd’s debut at the ECMAs in Saint John in 2017. Joined in 2018 by Danielle Girard (Violin), they began a busy few years showcasing in Atlantic Canada, including Musique/Music NB’s Festival 506, ECMA, Paddlefest, Tay Creek Festival, The BMO Theatre, The Vogue Theatre, and many more.


Given current global circumstances, Ladd’s opportunity to perform has been limited to livestreams on Facebook, which has been both fun and super weird. The best part of this whole Covid situation though is the extra room to breathe, relax, reflect, and explore.


The strangest part about being a performing artist is that it takes so long to create, produce, and release a project that by the time it’s ready to perform, life has changed significantly. All that to say, keep an eye out for what’s coming next from Ladd….you might not see it coming.

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