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Carla Bonnell


When Carla Bonnell hits the stage, expect to be entertained, educated on proper Maritimes slang, and have your musical senses dazzled at the depth of soul in her own compositions. Carla has played for the many and the few throughout her professional career. Her sets are often mixed with her own songs and some of her and her fans favorite covers. Being a water sign, she is quite mutable, and will often change her set while on stage if she senses the vibe of her audience is craving a certain mood for the evening.
Her solo career is still active, however she has been actively building her favorite project with seasoned musicians in a project called ENGAGE. They just released their first 15 track album that was recorded, produced and engineered in Carla's Kitchen and Larry Steele's basement.

Carla is presently enjoying her newest and most passionate project called ENGAGE! The band is made up of several seasoned musical veterans from the Maritimes. Be on the look out for these dynamic and entertaining oversized children on a stage near you or " ONLINE"

“'Brilliant lyricism, tight acoustic arrangements and a broad musical imagination combine to lend this album a haunting, magical quality that is sure to endure.'”
— Akademia Music Awards

"There are two types of artists in the world. Those like myself who have made a living with it all their lives, and those who, for whatever reasons, choose not to take that path. Among these "non-pros", there can often be found some of the greatest music you've never heard. I specialize in producing these artists. I believe that just because someone doesn't have millions of fans doesn't affect their voice or their validity to the industry or the world. These artists have something very important and lasting to say. Carla is one of those artists. Her voice and her writing is a study in purity, and somehow innocence, tho her life experience is vast. I compare her to the old masters, the ones who sang without frills and refused to hide behind anything. She just comes right out and sings it like it is......"
— J.P. Cormier, Minto Country Music Wall of Fame