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Hip-Hop, Indigenous, Jazz

Jan Martin, an Indigenous artist and member of the Listuguj Mi'kmaq Nation, performs as SUMMONER BREEZE. Delivering a unique blend of poetic lyricism, innovative production, and a profound artistic vision, SUMMONER BREEZE is a rapper who crafts music that transcends boundaries and defies genre conventions. Drawing inspiration from visual art, literature, and contemporary internet culture, SUMMONER BREEZE weaves together thought-provoking narratives and introspective musings, inviting listeners on a transformative auditory journey exploring the allegorical world and characters of the SUMMONER BREEZE universe. Tackling themes of systemic racism, gender issues, late-stage capitalism, and mental health through a whimsical lens, SUMMONER BREEZE creates a stark contrast that is relatable to the depressed and anxious underdogs of the world whose uncrushable spirits find joy and hope even now when all seems lost.