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Fundamental Statements

Semaine MNB Week 2023 - Photo by LP Chiasson

Music·Musique NB is dedicated to cultivating a safer New Brunswick music industry, where everyone is free of harassment, abuse and discrimination. We, the MNB members, agree to uphold the reputation of the association in a professional manner, in the same capacity we conduct our own professional business activities.

We are committed to take positive action for a representative music community, and we will continue to listen and learn, as we address the disparity in our industry. 

Read our MNB Members' Code of conduct.

Music·Musique NB is a signatory of the Keychange Pledge, the Canadian Creative Industries Code of Conduct, and of the Breaking Down Racial Barriers Declaration.

keychange pledge  Breaking Down Racial Barriers


An inclusive, engaged, creative and sustainable music industry in New Brunswick.


Music·Musique NB (MNB) is the provincial music industry association that supports, amplifies and represents New Brunswick’s music community through development, promotion and celebration. 

Our primary responsibility is to serve the interests of our members.


Music·Musique NB will pursue its vision and reach its mission by adhering to the following values and aligning the behaviors of the Board, staff and partners accordingly.


We are accountable to our members and to the New Brunswick music community. We act with transparency, own our mistakes and work toward solutions. 


We respect our wellness and safety, as well as the wellness and safety of our music community. We ask questions, listen and hold space.


We work continuously to reduce disparities and remove barriers. We challenge the colonial mind-set. 


We recognize the benefits of sharing knowledge. We build respectful relationships with communities by actively including them in the decision-process. 


We act in a way that is honest and ethical. We honour our commitments and act as responsible stewards of our community.