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Posted Bydawn
Friday, September 25, 2020 - 09:21


2019-2020 was set to be a banner year for Music·Musique NB. We had our regular programming: member promotion & support, Festival (506), the Prix MNB Awards (already celebrating 10 years!), the continued management of the provincial Music Industry Develop-ment Program plus a host of other exciting projects. We hired a fourth person, Dominique Tremblay, who has been doing a great job since December. We remained focused on making our industry more inclusive, diverse, safe & sustainable.

2019-2020 was a year like every other... just with more awesome. Then March happened.

When COVID-19 forced our industry to a standstill, one thing became clear: the New Brunswick music community was closer & more connected than it realized. We have talented, passionate, hardworking, & generous people working in our midst. The community came together to innovate, to create & to stay connected while physically apart. As we navigate these new waters, MNB hopes to be a beacon of support & information for our artists & industry. 

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the department of Tourism, Heritage & Culture for their ongoing financial support of our operations & projects. We are grateful for the trust they have bestowed upon our organization as we continue to manage the provincial Music Industry Development (MID) program. We also wish to thank FACTOR & Musicaction for their significant support for our projects.

Thanks also goes out to the Board of Directors’ members for the work they do on committees & for the guidance they provide to staff. 

Even while working from home, our team found innovative ways of staying connected & pushing projects ahead, pivoting on a dime to continue providing the services our members expect. A huge heartfelt thank you goes out to our team: Dawn Després-Smyth, who continues to go above & beyond in her roles as member services, event coordinator, Google sheet expert, & communications & social media ninja; Nicole Léger-Blockley, who is managing the MID program with great transparency, efficiency & fairness; Dominique Tremblay who dove in with gusto & confidence into her role as Education & Training Coordinator. The quality & efficiency of your collective work continues to impress. 

With the ongoing push for social justice, fights against inequality & pursuing meaningful reconciliation with the Indigenous people of Turtle Island, Music·Musique NB renews its commitment to support BIPOC artists, audiences & industry members. 2019-2020 has been a great opportunity for all of us to educate ourselves & those around us on issues of human rights, & we proudly stand against intolerance & racism in our music industry. As we look forward to 2020-2021, Music·Musique NB will continue to seek new ways to elevate & amplify the voices of marginalized & racialized artists.