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April 2018 Releases

Posted Bydawn
album Frantically Atlantic • Frantically Atlantic
album Accros de la chanson 2017-2018 • Accros de la chanson 2017-2018
Distribution Plages
album The Death Of Inquisition • Universal Paladin
album Far Away From Home • McPhee
album Rewind • A Man Obsessed
album A Weekend In Hell • Merlin Mortician
album Spring • Sean Desmond
album Cusser • Cusser
album The Insignificant I • Ken Zo
album Unfurl • The Falling Leaves
ep Summer • Chaokaze
ep Bad Gateway​/​Negative Bolt, No Action • Usse
ep Neuropark • Paranerd
ep Rescue The Princess • Rob Somers
ep Borderline • Subtle
ep Lull • Scott Browne
ep Each Other's Skins • Wrote
ep Oh Lea Live @ The Attic • Oh Lea
ep Low​-​Key Shadows • Xenoscapes
ep Fires in Mist • Thrawsunblat
ep Leaving Carlisle • Leaving Carlisle
ep C​(​Hope) • Dissociation Model
demo Lost Corsage Demo • Lost Corsage
demo Demo I & II • Aberration Ataraxia
song • extrait idio.tq • Cloud Ruins
song • extrait Rising Eagle • Open Strum
Open Strum Website
song • extrait Laughing, Laughing • Women of the Pore
song • extrait 27 sous 0 • Maggie Savoie
song • extrait Coin caché • Raphaël Butler
video Choral Voices • The Olympic Symphonium