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Eva George continues as MNB Board President

Posted Bydawn

Eva George was re-elected as president of Music·Musique NB. Eva is currently working with Fredericton's Harvest Music Festival and this is her third term as president of the Board of Directors.

New Board Members

Teah Bailey (Moncton, Artist)
Dave Cullinan (Saint John, Industry)
Paul Hayes (Fredericton, Artist, Industry)
Dwayne Marcial (Saint John, Artist, Industry)
Monika Ouellet (Saint John, Artist)

Returning Board Members

Judie Acquin (Artist) // continuing
Lucie Aounetse (Moncton, Artist) // re-elected 
Zach Atkinson (Fredericton, Artist, Industry) // continuing
Brian Cleveland (Saint John, HR, Industry)  // continuing
Eva George (Fredericton, Industry)  // continuing
Emily Kennedy (Fredericton, Artist) // re-elected 
Tracey Richard (Moncton, Artist) // continuing