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Festival (506), Music·Musique NB's annual music industry festival, is preparing an out-of-this-world experience! The 2021 edition will take place October 21-23 AND November 18-20, with a mix of in person and online activities, for both the public and members of the music industry

FOR THE PUBLIC: 3 cities. 4 venues. 27 NB artists.
Concerts will take place in Fredericton, Miramichi and Moncton, on Friday, October 22 and Saturday, October 23 (see line-up below). The mixed programming include fan-favourite The Tortoise, the Hare and the Millionaire, as well as country-pop singer-songwriter Émilie Landry. Many artists will be performing at Festival (506) for the first time, including Moncton artist One8tea, electronic tv-for-a-head M3D14, and emerging musician Freya Milliken. The jam-packed line-up will also include funk-prog outfit Nebullama, and traditional acadian group La famille LeBlanc.

The Prix MNB Awards will kick everything off on Thursday, October 21. Fredericton will host this in-person event at the Charlotte Street Arts Centre, and the show will be streamed online.

Tickets will be on sale soon!

FOR THE INDUSTRY: From the comfort of your favourite chair
The conference portion of the event will take place in cyberspace November 18-20, via Zoom and the digital platform Gather. Showcasing artists will be able to mingle with local, national and international buyers, attend professional development sessions, as well as sign up for more in-depth one-on-one training.

22 OCT

Charlotte Street Arts Centre | Fredericton: Capital 6 • Nebullama • The Tortoise the Hare and the Millionaire 

The Cap | Fredericton: Run The River • Within Harms Reach • Sonic Detour 

Carrefour Beausoleil | Miramichi: La Famille LeBlanc • Les Fireflies • Émilie Landry

Salle Bernard LeBlanc | Moncton: Jono • One8tea • Before The Dinosaurs • Diner Drugs

23 OCT

Charlotte Street Arts Centre | Fredericton: Richie Young • Sadie • Ria Reece • Apryll Aileen

The Cap | Fredericton: Stephen Hero • Lazermortis • M3D14

Carrefour Beausoleil | Miramichi: Track of Rock • Baie • Matt Boudreau

Salle Bernard LeBlanc | Moncton: Freya Milliken • Martin Daigle • Joel Strauss • The Gregories