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FREE ECMA Membership for MNB Members

Posted Bydawn

ECMA has updated their membership and they are excited to offer all of our members new benefits including 

  • An increased capability to search our membership directory with searchable tags that make it easier to find the members you are looking for or for people to find your profile! 

  • An events calendar that will showcase all upcoming ECMA events. As a member you are able to submit your events to the calendar for our East Coast Community to view. 

  • More discounts for members through Perkopolis! 

We love being able to provide your members a free ECMA membership, and the process to do so has been changed. 

To receive a free membership, Music·Musique NB members will need to email either or with proof of their membership. We ask that this be a screenshot, or receipt of membership purchase, that clearly shows either the date of purchase or the expiration date. Once received we will then send them a discount code for 100% off their membership. 

If you have any questions about the ECMA membership please email Anthony at

If you have any questions about using the membership program please email Chris at