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MID Program: FAQ for timelines

Posted Bydawn

The staff members at Music•Musique NB (MNB) who manage the Music Industry Development (MID) Investment Program work diligently to ensure there is a constant flow of information regarding program news, guidelines and deadlines, as well as communication specific to each client. 

QUESTION: How should I contact MID Staff?  
ANSWER : Only contact the MID staff by email, unless otherwise agreed upon. 

Phone calls should be organized via email. Even if you’ve done so in the past, do not contact anyone on their personal cell, text, Facebook messenger or other means. 

There are 2 MID staff members: Nicole ( and Jai ( Please avoid contacting other MNB staff with questions related to the MID program. Any serious issues or complaints can be sent to Jean Surette, Executive Director ( or Eva George, Chair of the Board of Director (

Caveat: We strive to be as accessible as possible in the services we provide. If you wish to speak to an actual human being, you can call the office phone number (506-383-4662) to talk to a staff member or leave a message. We’ll connect you with the appropriate MID staff if they are not in the office.

QUESTION : When will I know if I'll receive funding?
ANSWER : 6 weeks after the deadline.

All applications need to be vetted and verified before they are sent to jurors or for further analysis. We must take into consideration how many applications we’ve received VS the budget available for that component. During this review process, we are also working on other MID related tasks, such as analyzing completion reports, communicating with the department of Tourism, Heritage and Culture, looking behind the couch cushions in case there is extra money to be found. Please be patient and understanding. 

Note: You may have seen a message that spoke to *10 business days* - this was a leftover from 2023 and has since been corrected. Sorry for the confusion!

QUESTION: When will my payment arrive?
ANSWER: 7 to 10 business days. 

We have internal steps to process payments. They need to be approved by several signing authorities as well as taking time to pass through the banking system before arriving in your bank account. From the moment you sign your funding agreement and provide your banking information, we need 7 to 10 business days to process the payment (psst… weekends don’t count as business days). We process multiple payments at once so we are extra careful to ensure the right amount of money ends up in the right bank account. Only contact us on the 11th business day… not the 10th. 

QUESTION : I have a question related to the MNB Awards / Showcases / other services… Can I ask the MID Staff?
ANSWER : Ideally, no. :) 

MID Staff are not always aware of details related to other MNB projects. Please direct non-MID related questions to Dawn, Jean or other contractual staff. They will be more than happy to answer your questions that are not related to MID.  

QUESTION : Is that it?
ANSWER: Pretty much. It’s not rocket surgery.

  • Be patient with the process.
  • Be respectful with our staff and their personal space.
  • Be aware of the above timelines.
  • Be assured that we’re doing our best, always.