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MNB at the ECMAs!

Posted ByDominique


ECMA 2022 is happening in our beautiful province on May 4-8 and Music•Musique NB wants to make sure you don’t miss what we & our amazing New Brunswick artists have planned for the event! Below you will find the full schedule of all things New Brunswick during the event:


ECMAs Kickoff Party @ Delta Hotels Fredericton Ballroom Foyer
9:00PM - 21h00 - MARIAN
9:30PM - 21h30 - The Hypochondriacs


ECMA & MusicMusique NB’s Welcome Networking Mixer @ Delta Hotels Ballroom Foyer
5:30PM - 6:30PM - 17h30 - 18h30
Join us for the ECMA 2022 ’20th Anniversary’ Export Buyers Program & Industry networking reception mixer presented by ECMA and Music/Musique NB. Come celebrate the accomplishments of our industry and connect with Canadian and international guests, talent buyers, industry professionals, executive delegates, showcasing artists, nominees and company representatives in an informal relaxed setting. Mix and mingle with conference delegates to make new connections, and catch up with your fellow colleagues. See you there!

Export Showcase @ Delta Hotels Ballroom A
1:30PM - 13h30 - Les Fireflies
2:30PM - 14h30 - Matt Boudreau
4:00PM - 16h00 - Les Hôtesses d’Hilaire

The 2022 East Coast Music Awards @ Aitken University Centre
Performances by New Brunswick artists Patsy Gallant, Lisa Leblanc, One8Tea & Chloé Breault.

Post-Awards Show 1 @ Delta Hotels Ballroom A
10:30PM - 22h30 - Wolf Castle


Folk Friday @ the Charlotte Street Arts Centre 
2:45PM - 14h45 - Christine Melanson
4:15PM - 16h15 - Chloé Breault
5:00PM - 17h00 - Sirène et Matelot

Export Showcase 2 @ Delta Hotels Ballroom A
2:45PM - 14h45 - Chloé Breault
3:15PM - 15h15 - Wolf Castle

1755 avec Lisa Leblanc & Émilie Landry
8:00PM - 20h00 - Émilie Landry
8:45PM - 20h45 - Lisa Leblanc
9:45PM - 21h45 - 1755

Friday Night Blues Showcase @ Dolan’s Pub
8:00PM - 20h00 - Mike Biggar
9:00PM - 21h00 - Terry Whalen and Hot Powder
12:00AM - 24h00 - Ria Reece

Black Vibes @ Klub Khrome
Starts at 8PM - Débute à 20h00
1:15AM - 1h15 - One8Tea 

Music-Musique NB, MusicNL, Music NS, CBMIC & Music PEI Networking Mixer @ Delta Hotels Ballroom Foyer
6:00PM - 7:00PM - 18h00 à 19h00

Kick-off the weekend in style and join us for the Pan-Atlantic networking reception mixer presented by Music/Musique NB, MusicNL, Music NS, CBMIC and Music PEI. 
Connect with industry tastemakers, conference attendees and international and Canadian guests in a safe and informal environment. Meet face-to-face with ECMA showcasing artists, nominees and representatives of Music/Musique NB, MusicNL, Music NS, CBMIC and Music PEI. Open to all members of the music industry associations and ECMA conference delegates.

Breakout Showcase @ Grimross Brewing Co.
8:30PM - 20h30 - Marian
10:00PM - 22h00 - Dillon Ryan
11:30PM - 23h00 - Les Moontunes

TD Connected Concerts @ Delta Hotels Ballroom A
8:30PM - 20h30 - Adyn Townes 
12:15AM - 24h15 - Les Hôtesses d’Hilaire

TD Connected Concerts @ Delta Hotels Ballroom B
9:00PM - 21h00 - Les Fireflies

Rap & Hip Hop Showcase @ The Cap (Wilser’s Room)
10:30PM - 22h30 - One8Tea
12:45AM - 24h45 - Wolf Castle

Rock Showcase @ The Cap (downstairs) 
10:45PM - 22h45 - Mike Trask


Classical Showcase @ The Fredericton Playhouse
Starts at 1:30PM
Saint John String Quartet

Indigenous Cultural Showcase @ St-Mary’s First Nation Old Burial Grounds 
2:00-4:00PM - 14h00 à 16h00

Export Showcase @ Delta Hotels Ballroom B
2:30PM - 14h30 - Émilie Landry

Country Showcase @ Dolan’s Pub
6:45PM - 18h45 - Danny Boudreau
7:30PM - 19h30 - Laurie LeBlanc

Indigenous Showcase @ Delta Hotels Fredericton - Governor's Ballroom
10:15PM - 22h45 - Blake Francis

The Rising Star Showcase @ Grimross Brewing Co.
9:30PM - 21h30 - Pallmer
11:00PM - 23h00 - The Tortoise The Hare and the Millionaire

TD Connected Concerts @ Delta Hotels Ballroom A
9:15PM - 21h15 - Kill Chicago
11:30PM - 23h30 - The Hypochondriacs

TD Connected Concerts @ Delta Hotels Ballroom B
8:15PM - 20h15 - Matt Boudreau
9:45PM - 21h45 - Colin Fowlie 

Wilser’s Room Saturday Night @ Wilser’s Room
10:30PM - 22h30 - Weak Size Fish
11:15PM - 11h15 - Rey D
1:00AM - 1h00 - Chill Teens 

Jazz Showcase @ Hilton Garden Inn Fredericton
9:00PM - 21h00 - Umläb
9:45PM - 21h45 - Joel Miller

Loud Showcase @ The Cap (downstairs)
10:00PM - 22h00 - DINER DRUGS
10:45PM - 22h45 - Sonic Detour

Pop Showcase @ Klub Khrome 
10:15PM - 22h15 - Apryll Aileen